The Author


My name is Michael Fox, and years ago, I played in the competitive scene in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3, my various squads coming within single digit placement points of getting sponsored and going professional several times.

Since then I have shifted away from video games, only taking a background place, to my current love, tabletop gaming. After reading the lore for Warhammer 40K for years, I finally made the leap as 8th Edition launched, and began playing Raven Guard Space Marines. And I found something rather depreciating.

Space Marines kinda suck.

Codex Space Marines hold one of the lowest tiers on average in the competition level.

Well. I like playing MY ARMY, making it look COOL, and WINNING.

So with that in mind, I set out and put to use the skills I had earned through many hundreds of hours of grueling drills and strategy roundtables, including my specific skills outside being one of the deadliest players of my tier.

Analysis and flexibility.

Early on we learned I had an eye for watching gameplay and picking it apart, down to fundamental levels, and finding what worked, when, and how, and what didn’t. Furthermore, I had an obsession with mastering every single gun in the games I played seriously in. In Bad Company 2 I held a minimum Silver Star (100 kills) , if not a Gold (500 kills), with every single weapon, vehicle, and even tool that could kill the enemy. 100 kills may not sound like much, but trust me, some weapons were simply bad. But if I ran out of ammo (and I did, a lot), I needed to be able to use anything and everything on the field.

I don’t say this to boast. I say this to show exactly what I intend to impart on you, my readers, which is helping us as a community use the math of the game to our advantage. We can all work on our in-the-field decisions, sharpen our tactical minds and stratagem memory banks. But those will only take us so far if our lists are fundamentally weak. I want to help you make the coolest, yet most effective armies possible, so you can spend less money (except when collecting for collecting’s sake) and get more satisfaction from your army without having to become Sun Tzu with 3 units of Reivers and a Primaris Lieutenant.

Join me, and let’s breakdown what it is deadly, cool as all hell, and Basically Tabletop.