Why a Commission Painter?

There’s more than one reason why someone would hire a commission painter. Skill, sure, one might be unable to field models of the quality they desire. But time, work or school might take over hobby time more than is acceptable or the sheer weight of your project is more than you feel you can handle.

Whether you want to start your next army with the painting ‘grunt work’ already done, need colors on the cultists in time for the next tournament, or just need your Command Squad to look worthy of their power and prestige, we’re got you covered.

All commissions are priced on a case-by-case basis. But most can fall into our Tier system to help you figure out what you need and how to describe it.



Tier 1: Tabletop Standard

This is the standard treatment of base colors, shading, and basic highlighting. This is your middle ground of looks and cost. Don’t break your bank while ensuring the respect of your peers.

Optional Add-ons: Standard Basing – This consists of terrain paint, shading, and drybrushing.


Tier 2: Parade-Ready

Everything of Tier 2 plus edge highlighting, general details are seen to. Every aspect of the model sees care and they look like a fully appreciably object on the table in and of themselves. This comes with Standard Basing and Barrel Drilling.

Optional Add-ons: Quality Basing – Think Standard Basing but with some extras. Ruin bits and skulls, simple additions to add some life to your model’s surroundings.


Tier 3: Display Piece

Parade-Ready and then I take my time turning it into a work of art. Glowing eye lenses, sparkling gems, lighting effects, dust and damage. All at your request. Quality Basing, Barrel Drilling, and Transfers are included.

Optional Add-ons: Custom/Scenic Basing – Make your base as dynamic as your model! Ruins, skulls, the remains of the fallen, dying foes. Your piece walks through the thickest fighting and darkest horrors of war and we bring that to life on this base.


Universal Add-ons:

Out-Of-The-Box Projects: This is available at all levels, and more or less consists of you shipping me the box or your down-payment includes the cover to purchase and ship the box to me. It is then worked from sprue to completion then shipped to you as a finished product.

Assembly/Priming: This consists of sending me the pieces, clipped from the sprue, for work. This allows cutting down on your costs by getting kits from cheaper sources (local game stores, Ebay, Facebook Markets, etc.), and shipping as you can effectively put them in baggies and bubble wrap in a much smaller box. You can cut down more so by priming them yourself.

A note on Assembly/Priming. Why would you want to send me pieces, you might be wondering. Well, the more detailed the project is in particular, though it’s not a universal constant, it’s easier to paint models in pieces. This allows a faster paint job, and greater opportunity for details as I’m not working around the literal corners of the model. Priming your pieces yourself will also cut down your price and time in most cases.

For Tier 3 I offer a discount on the Assembly costs to reward those that keep this aspect in mind. Too late for your favorite model? Well, if you used super glue, and not plastic glue, I can offer to disassemble it as gracefully as possible using freezing to still cover this.

In some cases, for higher detail projects, based on the color scheme, priming in multiple colors based on the model pieces (white helmets for an otherwise black model, for example) give optimal results. For this I discount the priming heavily for those instances.

Rebasing: Rebasing is offered. The pricing will vary drastically based on a couple factors. If the model is attached to the base by superglue or plastic glue. If plastic glue, then it’s altered by how large the connection to the base is, as sawing it off is time-consuming. Good way to cut costs here is provide the new bases, though not required.


Transfers: Applying transfers to your finished project is not a problem and is a great way to add flair to any project.*

Conversions: This is technically available though considerable discussion will be required if it’s beyond simple “swap” conversions (swapping heads, arms, armor, weapons, etc.). Ways to cut down on costs are providing any bits you wanted added.

Trophies and Trinkets: Kind of a sub-category of Conversions. Adding bits and bobs to add character to the model, such as reliquaries, back-banners, spikes, skulls, etc. on to the model itself.

Magnetization: Is WYSIWYG a big factor in your project planning? Do you need bigger models broken down into movable pieces? Fear not! For the power of magnetism can be applied to your models.*

Barrel Drilling: For Tier 1 or Tier 2, let’s drill those barrels!

Freehand: This is a fairly new technique, but while I may not be painting crazy murals on Land Raiders (Yet!), I can offer basic designs, runes, icons, and some basic artwork. Ask and we’ll talk out what you have in mind.

Video Tutorial: Your commission will be painted on the Basically Tabletop Twitch stream and a time-lapsed video of the entire process with detailed subtitled explanations is sent to



*These Add-ons have inherent surcharges for the materials necessary unless they are provided by the client.

**Video Tutorials are subject to video editing surcharges. All video content is inherently the

property of Basically Tabletop Painting Studio to be distributed as desired unless negotiated otherwise. Passing off rights to video content comes with additional surcharges.

In the interest of this page not going on too long, payment details and contract policies can be found here.


Has this given you ideas? Awesome! Let’s make it happen! (Doublecheck your email address, it’s the only way I can respond to you, so if it’s wrong we’re both stuck.)