Affiliate Links

Here’s a list of all my gear I currently have access to affiliate links for. These are products I use and can vouch for.


Jucoci Miniatures Transport/Storage Case

Redgrass Wet Pallet:

Redgrass Wet Pallet Sheets:

Master’s Brush Cleaner and Preserver:

Loctite Precision Pen Super Glue:

Hand Drill:

MagNetSol (all the magnets you need for 40K infantry/light vehicles)

Vallejo Game Inks:

ArmyPainter Metallic Paints:

UV/Neon Paints:

Microset & Microsol:

ArmyPainter Greenstuff:

Stynylrez Airbrush Primer:

Master Airbrush with compressor:

Airbrush Moisture Trap:

Airbrush Adapter Set (for Trap):

Airbrush Cleaning/Mounting Pot:

Painting Mask:

Vallejo Airbrush Flow Improver:

Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner:

Vallejo Airbrush Thinner:

Razor 15 Gaming Laptop:

Laptop Cooling Rack: