Payment Policies

All transactions will be handled over Paypal. Paypal info will be given upon agreement for the commission.

A minimum of 30% up-front payment is required on all commissions. I reserve the right to change this percentage based on the commission. This is to cover any supplies needed out of the gate, be it paint, tools, anything else that your commission may require. This does not include add-ons that come with their own supply surcharges, such as Transfers or Magnetization.

Deadlines will have an added charge based upon the strictness and time given by the deadline with shipping times taken into consideration. (I.E. if you want me painting for 72 hours straight, you’re going to pay for that. Keep this in mind.)

Surcharges for all Add-On materials will be factored into your quote. The number you’re given is the number you pay.

Any requests given after the start of a project will have an additional charge added based on the request. I reserve the right to turn down any mid-project requests for any reason. (In practical terms, this is usually if there’s a deadline and I know it can’t happen, for one example.)

100% of payment must be rendered upon completion of project before models are returned under any circumstance. No Exceptions.

Commissions requiring someone else’s painting recipe/technique will, at minimum, quadruple costs of commission. This is to cover additional time made by inability to reduce time expenditure through changes and refinements in techniques or methods.

I reserve the right to turn down any commission request for any reason.

I reserve the right to adjust my price for any commission up until contract agreement is reached for any reason.

I reserve the right that upon refusal to pay for services already rendered, to hold the models as my property to do as I will.

I reserve the right to enforce a “Three Strikes They’re Mine” system on all payment plans, upon which the third failed payment will result in forfeiting all previous payments, models, supplies, and other investments.

I reserve the right to use pictures of commissions for the Basically Tabletop website and any and all social media accounts owned by Basically Tabletop.

I reserve the right to change, alter, update, add to, or rescind any or all of these policies at any time, for any reason.

Shipping Charges will be covered by the client. No Exceptions.

Any Contractual Agreement For A Painting Commission Inherently Agrees With All The Rules Above unless otherwise negotiated.